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Passion Cry

Apathy is killing the Church. Many who claim to know Jesus live unchanged lives and divide their affections among worthless idols. Passion Cry reveals a holy God who is unashamedly jealous for the love of His people, and He will not let this dispassion toward Him remain.

The Church has suffered too long from the pressure to conform to a dull, disinterested, lukewarm, and detached approach to Christ. The tide must turn. In the face of societal pressure, cultural and moral revolution, and an anti-Christ flavor that increases every day, Pastor Robbie Symons calls the people of God to rise up and take their stand. As the persecution upon Christ-followers goes from subtle to unmistakable, the current generation of believers is about to find out where their passions truly lie.

"I believe that Robbie has laid his finger on the most distressing aspect of the Christian life..."

Erwin Lutzer, Senior Pastor, The Moody Church

"If you want fresh passion for the purposes of the Lord in your life, you are holding a book on that topic written by a man who lives it and wants to help you get there, too."

James MacDonald, Senior Pastor, Harvest Bible Chapel

Passion Cry
By Robbie Symons