Elder Update 3rd Quarter 2016

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Harvest Bible Chapel Denver
Elder Meeting Highlights
October 29, 2016

Accountability/Scripture Reading/Prayer

The Elders begin every meeting with a significant time of prayer, along with scripture reading and accountability discussion.  We feel this prayer time is essential and non-negotiable if we are to be successful in our role as Elders.

Harvest Vision

One of our greatest areas of prayer and discussion centers on how we can make quality disciples who passionately spread the gospel into their sphere of influence.  We want to see Christ exalted in our Englewood and Broomfield communities, as well as across our city, our nation, and nations around the world.  We’ve discussed how we can get the message out into our communities to encourage our neighbors to come visit our church.  One particular idea we’ve considered is holding an evangelistic outreach event next spring, perhaps at Red Rocks or some other similar venue.  We are continuing to seek the Lord and expect more clarity on this effort in the coming months.

Church Planting Opportunities

We believe that the local church is critical for making quality disciples.  Therefore one major focus for reaching this lost world continues to involve church planting.  To that end, we’ve had numerous discussions regarding the planting of our Broomfield campus; We are incorporating our learnings from that experience, and seeking the Lord for guidance on future church plant opportunities.  A number of areas/locations have been discussed, including:

  • Denver and surrounding suburbs – We would love to see anyone in the Denver Metro area have a Harvest Bible Chapel campus within a 15 minute drive from their residence.
  • Colorado Springs – We have a surprising number of people drive from Monument and Colorado Springs and have been having conversations about what God may be doing in that area.
  • South Africa – We have been introduced to a missionary from the Transkei region of South Africa who might be qualified to pastor a church.  An existing facility has been identified that could be used for the church building.  We are early in the discussions, but plans are being considered for a team of elders to visit the area next spring and assess the viability of a church there.  This is an area of South Africa where there is opportunity for a great harvest.


The search process for an Executive Pastor was successfully concluded last quarter.  Vanderbloemen Search Group was engaged to lead the search, and through a comprehensive screening and interviewing process, including much prayer, the Lord made it clear who we should hire, and Dave Kuntzman joined Harvest Denver as its new Executive Pastor.  We believe this role is timely for this next season of effectively multiplying ministries at Harvest.

Harvest Groups

There have been ongoing discussions for the purpose of continually improving the reach and effectiveness of Harvest Groups for our ministry efforts.  We believe Harvest groups are important and desire that they would thrive.

Building Upgrades

  • There have been numerous discussions in finalizing our plans for installing new sound equipment and other potential upgrades in Englewood.
  • We are continuing to work toward Broomfield live stream capabilities


We have successfully updated our by-laws and internal policies in response to the current governmental and legal landscape as it relates to churches

ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability)

In process of receiving ECFA accreditation in order to demonstrate compliance with established standards for financial accountability, transparency, fundraising, and board governance

Other Topics

  • We are having ongoing discussions about our Broomfield campus and ways we can continue to grow that church as well as other sites for future campuses.
  • Installed a new elder – Craig Reid
  • Discussions leading up to the National Renewal Conference held at Harvest 9/28-30/2016
  • Continuing to discuss potential modifications to the membership requirements and assimilation process for clear, simple and urgent pathways into discipleship at Harvest.
  • Christmas falls on Sunday again this year due to leap year.  We are planning on having two identical Christmas Eve services in Engelwood on Saturday but will not have services on Sunday in either Englewood or Broomfield.  There will be a link to a pre-recorded video by Pastor Jeff for those who want have Christmas services at their home.
  • BRAVE – working to rebrand Pastor Jeff’s radio ministry to BRAVE.  This will involve a new website and more opportunities for Pastor Jeff to communicate the gospel.