Get Plugged in at Harvest

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Get Plugged In:

Getting Plugged in at Harvest is simple.  Get to know some staff and learn more at the monthly MEET AND GREET.  Dive a little deeper by attending the 90 minute Discover Harvest, offered the second weekend of every month.  And then take the step of harvest membership, get in a Harvest Group, or look for a way to Work for Christ by serving at Harvest and beyond. 


New to Harvest?  Take the first step to learn more at the monthly MEET AND GREET, offered after each service on the first weekend of the month. Chat with pastors, staff, and other leaders as well as learn about next steps to jumping in at Harvest Denver.  We would love to have you!



2. Discover Harvest:

Considering Harvest as your church home? Come learn what it means to Worship, Walk, and Work. Discover Harvest happens the second weekend of each month for 90 minutes. Light refreshments will be provided and Childcare is available for birth-5th grade.  We would love to have you!

3. GO DEEPER: Making Harvest Denver Home

Below are three ways you can go deeper and start being involved around Harvest.

Harvest Groups:

Harvest Groups are all about Uncommon Community.  They are designed to encourage men and women to grow as faithful followers of Jesus Christ and hold the aim to increase group members passion to worship Christ, walk with Christ, and work for Christ.

Harvest Groups provides an environment where close-knit relationships are cultivated for the glory of God.

Learn more about Harvest Groups here.

Harvest Membership:

Membership is saying, "I am all in" and "fully aligned with what God is doing at Harvest."

Harvest Membership is meeting with an elder, deacon, or pastoral staff and sharing about how God has changed you. Complete a Membership Application and commit to what God is doing within our church. Harvest Membership takes place on the 4th Sunday of each month.

Learn more about Harvest Membership here.

Work for Christ:

At Harvest, working for Christ means rolling up your sleeves and finding a place to serve—and becoming an important part of our church family.

It’s using your spiritual gifting and God-given talent to build up His kingdom and the people in it. It comes in many forms—because every follower of Jesus has been given a spiritual gift, and the gifts are different from person to person. 

Learn more and sign up to serve here.