Harvest Groups

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Harvest Groups are all about Uncommon Community.  They are designed to encourage men and women to grow as faithful followers of Jesus Christ and hold the aim to increase group members' passion to worship Christ, walk with Christ, and work for Christ.

Harvest Groups provide an environment where close-knit relationships are cultivated for the glory of God.

  • Introduction to Harvest Groups

    Interested in a Harvest Group?  Want to take the next step and get involved in Uncommon Community at Harvest?  Come meet leaders and learn about groups in the whole metro area at “Introduction to Harvest Groups”. 

    Location: Englewood Campus

    When: immediately after each service for 30 minutes

  • What to expect


    • Studies the Word of God to apply God's truth to our lives
    • Mutually cares for one another to meet tangible needs
    • Holds each other accountable to pursuing Christ-likeness through a time of openness with other men or women
    • Prays for each other
    • Performs acts of service and mercy to others in the community to bring the lost to Jesus
  • What Commitment to a Harvest Group Looks Like

    In striving for Uncommon Community in Harvest Groups, we want to encourage all Harvest Group members to be devoted to each other in the spirit of Romans 12:10a which says, "Love one another with brotherly affection".  

    We have found that the more committed and involved each group member is, the more they individually benefit from the group but also contribute so others may benefit as well.  Below are nine ways we hope people commit to be involved in a group.  They define the guidelines for each Harvest Group, helping them achieve Uncommon Community:  If you can commit to make each statement below, we invite you to get involved in a Harvest Group Today!

    • I will make my Harvest Group meetings a priority, and if I’m unable to attend or running late, I will call ahead.
    • I will come to my Harvest Group meeting prepared and ready to participate.
    • I will commit to my Harvest Group to focus on application of God’s Word to my life.
    • I will maintain confidentiality of the personal information that is shared within my Harvest Group. I understand my group leader may communicate appropriate information to those in leadership as necessary and I trust his or her discernment in this.
    • I will be accountable to my group concerning my personal and spiritual goals.
    •  I will commit to a group that is open to new members, and, as it grows, we will seek to multiply to further God’s work.
    •  I will encourage other members to cultivate a daily quiet time with God.
    • I will pursue opportunities to share what God has done in our lives to those that do not know Jesus Christ.
    •  I will pray for and support the leadership of Harvest Bible Chapel to continue to seek God’s direction for our Harvest Group Ministry.
  • Times and Locations

    Various groups meet at different times throughout the week, some in homes and some at the church building. Groups gather all over Denver and the surrounding areas, so there is likely a Harvest group near you. We will do our very best to place you with others who meet at a time and place that fits your schedule.

  • Sermon Questions

    Each week, we provide questions based on Pastor Jeff's message in order to encourage you to go deeper with what was taught during weekend services.