Harvest Women

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Don't give me another social club. Don't give me a politically correct place to hang out and do "girly" things. Give me Jesus.

Give me a place where my soul can be fed by the "Living Water" so that I never thirst again. Give me a challenge. Give me women who want to be on this journey with me. Not perfect women. Not all mothers. Not women who have it all together. Give me real women, with real problems, who want to follow Jesus. I like smiles, hugs, and fun, but don't let it stop there. I want what the world can't give me. I want a place to confess my sins, be encouraged, and spur each other on towards Jesus Christ.

Welcome to Harvest Women!


Bible Studies and book studies:
Each fall and spring, Harvest Women conducts a bible study or book study. Most recently the studies have included Esther, and a book study on The Excellent Wife. Later this summer, details will be available about the study happening in fall 2017.

Usually Harvest Women has a retreat in the fall. This last year the retreat was an overnight getaway at YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park, CO.

Special Events: Harvest Women has special events to encourage each other.  The most recent event, called “FEED YOUR SOUL”, was a time where a mother/daughter brought life to new recipes, demo’d how to create beautiful desserts, and facilitated a wonderful evening of delicious food shared together.